The material available on these pages is produced and maintained for a course on how to make your data analyses reproducible. In particular, it covers:

  • Data management
  • Conda
  • Snakemake
  • Git
  • Jupyter
  • R Markdown
  • Docker


Slides from lectures covering the topics above are available on Figshare as pptx or pdf. If you're looking for slides/tutorials from a particular instance of the course, select the appropriate version tag in the popup panel at the bottom right. Go to Schedule for individual lectures.

This documentation and all the resources used in the course are available as a Bitbucket repo.

A template directory and file structure consistent with the material described in the course is available as a GitHub repo.

The authors

Leif Wigge, Rasmus Ă…gren and John Sundh SciLifeLab, National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS), Bioinformatics Long-term Support


MIT (see LICENCE.txt in the Bitbucket repo).